Step 9
Create a rounded rectangle on the stage and duplicate it. Then apply Effect > 3D > Rotate Options effect on both of them and select Object > Expand Appearance. You can use the Gradient tool to make the shade stand out a bit more. Nudge one of the rectangles slightly and go to the Window menu to switch on Pathfinder. With both shapes selected, click from the Pathfinders to trim them both. Now delete the extra part from the group.

Step 10
Repeat Step 9 but make this new embossed shape thinner. Duplicate the new symbol 20 times. Turn on the Align window, and use the Distribute Objects and Align Objects to line up your objects on the stage. Arrange them carefully, as shown here.

Step 11
Make all the layers visible again and arrange the components as shown. Finally, draw a small character to make it look more lively. Use a photo and trace it with the Pen tool. It doesn’t need a lot of detail, just as long as it looks like a person.

Who: Originally from China, designer and illustrator designer and illustrator Jing Zhang is now based in London. She has created work for clients such as Osiris Shoes, Lonely Planet and Ford, and has also illustrated covers for Digital Arts. Her goal is to combine Oriental philosophical methodology with graphic design discipline.
Software: Adobe Illustrator
Time to complete: 1.5 hours