Comics: Verwendbar für Geliebte der ernsten Musik?

Deutsche Grammophon, home of rather serious opera, choral and orchestral music, has started packaging its CDs in a comic-book style, reports One Plus One Equals Three.

Ho hum. Another half-baked idea. There's nothing particularly wrong with comic-style illustrations but they're just not suited to the subject matter in this case. Deutsche Grammophon already has excellent (and relentlessly modern) and consistent graphic language in its branding and packaging.

Moreover, it won't work. Traditional buyers of operatic works will be instantly alienated and it seems unlikely that cartoons will draw in a new audience. Thankfully, it's being limited to the output of a new label, Classical Bytes, rather than replacing the packaging for random records on the DG label itself.

Link found at the Design Observer.

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