Coldplay goes interstellar

For the show’s closing number, Life in Technicolour II, Hello Charlie took the album artwork from Viva La Vida and treated it with sprocket and projection effects to create a vibrant, experimental effect and immersive effect.

Behind the choices of these styles was a desire to tie the visuals to the individual tracks, rather than having an overarching theme. Hello Charlie was also free to develop the concepts for the visuals from scratch, as creative director Jason Mullings explains.

Brief encounters
“We were very fortunate as there was no rigid brief that we had to stick to,” he says, “which gave us full opportunity for creative expression. From our original proposals, there was a constant workflow as the ideas developed through a series of mood boards, visuals and meetings.”

For the visuals that would open the show “we had to produce a continuous move through space, initially following a satellite on it’s journey towards earth,” says Andy Power, head of CG at Hello Charlie, “then zooming all the way in to whichever stadium Coldplay were performing at that night.”

“Actual satellite imagery of each of the stadiums and their surrounding areas was used so that we could seamlessly end the animation just a few hundred feet above each venue.”

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