Last year we blogged about a music video created by Ryan Bosworth for the outstanding shoegazer band Asobi Seksu, which featured imaginative use of CG origami. The director and VFX artist's latest project is another CG-heavy music video for American indie act Faunts.

The video for the band's track M4 Part II shows one crab defending his sandcastle against other crabs, fighting them off with its claws to remain king of the castle, all the while clutching its flag to show its position (and so you know which of the identical crabs is our hero). We won't give away the end, but it fits perfectly with the band's melancholy sound.

The visual effects were created by Bosworth and Ryan Rogers as part of the Fenix Collective. Rogers was the CG supervisor and modelled the crabs. Bosworth took the reins as VFX director, editor, animator and compositor, as well as handling colour correction and match-moving. Phew.

We've covered some excellent VFX work recently put together by some very small teams. While massive projects such as Human Body: Ultimate Machine require loads of time and personnel, pieces such as this and dsfsdfdf work on the BBC's Attila The Hun show that you can create stunning visual effects on a modest budget using desktop tools, and by yourself if necessary.

And if you didn't think three designers could recreate the D-Day landing, you really should see this.