05. Back at root level, select the MovieClip we just created. We need to place it within a new animated clip. Select Modify > Convert to Symbol (F8), name it ‘tunnelAnim’ keep the registration central. Now open the Advance Options and click Export for ActionScript within Linkage. Leave the Export for first frame ticked and make sure it has the Identifier name of ‘tunnelAnim;’. We will be calling this later.

06. Right, animation time. Doubleclick into this MovieClip and make it 30 frames long on the timeline. Give this an Instance name of ‘ring’ in the Properties panel. Put keyframes at frames 10 and frame 30. Between each keyframe choose Inset > Timeline > Create Motion Tween (or Select frame, right click/Ctrl + click, and choose Create Motion Tween). Using the Transform palette, select the first keyframe and scale it to 15% and choose an alpha of 0. Select the last frame and scale it to 600%.

07. Add a new layer and create a keyframe on the last frame. Select Modify > Timeline > Convert to Keyframes (F6). In the Actions window, enter the following code: removeMovieClip(this) This code will get rid of this animation once it has played through and is no longer needed.