02. Now let’s make our first ring. Select the Oval tool (O) and pick a colour. Here we have chosen an electric blue for the outline (#a). It’s important that this circle has no fill colour in the centre. Now draw a medium-sized circle on screen measuring 200-x-200 pixels, with a solid stoke of three pixels. Hold Shift as you drag to keep it an exact circle. Using the Eraser tool, rub out four parts at 12, 3, 6 and 9 ‘o’ clock.

03. Now we need to convert this to a MovieClip. Make sure you select the whole ring; select Modify > Convert to Symbol (F8), and name it ‘ring’. Make sure the registration is on the centre by clicking the small middle square. Double-click into the MovieClip and label this layer ‘graphics’.

04. Now we need to add a frame to our MovieClip. Make a new layer called ‘AS’. Write stop(); in the Actions panel then create a new frame (F5). On this second frame make a new keyframe Modify > Timeline > Convert to Keyframes (F6) and colour this ring another colour; here it’s bright white.