Learn how to create a dizzying, psychedelic tunnel effect using simple Flash tools and ActionScript.

Flash is one of those creative applications in which the initial learning curve is daunting, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll find it allows you to do almost anything you can dream up.

ActionScript 3.0 may be one of Flash’s more developer-orientated tools, but it’s got bags of potential for amazing creativity, as Steve Simmonds shows in this tutorial.

Here you’ll learn how to create the trippy 3D tunnel effect shown above that will immerse viewers in your website or project and give it a real visual pull.

All you need is 2D shapes and a few lines of code. You’ll learn to write a simple function within ActionScript, and also develop your skills so you can attach movie clips to the stage, follow the mouse pointer, count, and execute commands.

01. Open Flash and create a new project. Select the file type Flash File (ActionScript 2.0). To create smooth animation it is often necessary to up the default frame rate within Flash – choose Modify > Document (Cmd/Ctrl + J) and enter 25 within the Frame Rate box. Save the document before you begin working on the project.