Best Office Chairs 2019

Creatives, are you sitting comfortably? From design classics to alien-like curios, we've got the best office chairs you need in your office or design studio.

Sitting - it'll kill you, so why not look good while you're at it?

We've covered the best desks for designers before but not office chairs, event though they're an essential part of any artist or designer's set-up.

Whether you're a bedroom bound creative or studio/agency bod, here below you'll find the best office chairs for your posterior and back to make creative life as fun and free as your work.

A good chair doesn't have to be boring, nor does it have to be a multicolour gaming monstrosity. There are sharply designed seats out there if you look hard enough - and often you do as a lot of the best ones aren't on Amazon, coming usually from the makers themselves.

Our best of list does feature one gaming chair though for the many, many creatives out there who love to play when they're not making, along with snazzy swiss balls and bouncy stools for the more active of you out there who just can't stay sitting still. We're talking about energetic souls and the enlightened ones who know sitting will kill you.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then on with the list of the best office chairs for artists and designers.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

It comes at a high price, but the Aeron chair from America's Herman Miller is both a design classic and ergonomic wonder. Substance meets style, in other words.

With the help of Don Chadwick, the chair’s original co-designer, the remastered version of the 1992 original sees an office chair perfect for the here and now with an option of three different sizes.

It also comes in three different styles - Graphite, Carbon and Mineral, although UK readers should know Graphite is available in limited finishes and may take up to 45 working days for making and delivery.

All versions of the chair have that mesh back and seat, perfect for those hot, hot summers we're having as the climate crisis engulfs us all.

Cherry on the cake? This most supreme of chairs comes with a 12 year warranty.



Our cheapest option comes from IKEA, so no need to worry about style and quality here.

Named after your weird ex before last, the Markus swivel chair has everything you need in spite of its cheapness, so built-in lumbar support, brake, mesh back, height adjustment and a 10 year warranty. No adjustable armrests, though, which may be a dealbreaker for some readers.

And don't worry, you won't need to assemble it.

Benzara BM163667 Leatherette

Benzara BM163667 Leatherette

It may not be ergonomic, but the Benzara BM163667 Leatherette swivel chair is definitely the swankiest on our list.

Made of wood and metal, this chair oozes class and a classic aura. A marvel of mid-century modern, Benzara's premium offering comes with a padded seat and button tufted back rest, all made of luxurious leather.

American readers can get it for under 500 grand, and it seems UK customers too - but they'll be paying for another 200 quid in delivery fees from the US, so tread carefully with your finances on this one, Brits.

Another note - this chair doesn't ship readymade and will require expert assembly.

Secretlab Titan

Secretlab Titan

Gaming chairs are downright ugly, right? Well, not this classic of the gamer world.

The Titan from Secretlab has long been loved by the gaming community, and its latest 2020 version will no doubt follow in that tradition.

The in-built adjustable lumbar support is next to none, and people in the Digital Arts office have been known to lay down horizontally in this beast without any tipping.

The chair is also chunkily sized, which is great, but more petite designers and artists out there are better to go with the Secretlab Throne.

The latest version of the Titan is available now for the US and on preorder in the UK, shipping to British consumers on July 17th.

Edge Desk System

Edge Desk System

Ok this is more of a desk than a chair, but the Edge Desk is probably the nicest kneeling chair we've seen.

Made originally as a Kickstarter project, the Edge combines desk and chair to make the world's first kneeling desk, and as you can see in the photo its work surface comes with ample space for large-scale drawing and enough room in landscape mode to hold your laptop, tablet and sketchbook.

Why go with a kneeling chair? Well, it keeps you in a comfortable posture across its four different positions, and the padded cushions of the Edge Desk add to that that comfiness.

We also like how the Desk folds up nice and small for towing, and can be deployed in under 10 seconds.

Ballo Stool

Ballo Stool

Ever considered a ball in place of a chair? 

Swiss balls may be plastic nightmares readymade for tasteless wankers, but don't let that put you off these stylish, mushroom-esque curios from Humanscale.

The company make decent chairs like the Diffrient, so their rubbery and Dalek-like stools are guaranteed to be good for the bum and back. They also come designed by Don Chadwick, the design king who we mentioned earlier.

With seven colours to choose from, these stools will look great in any studio, home or UFO waiting area, and are best suited to active creators who like to create in short spells or engage in the fine art of active sitting.

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