Teen appeal

Mixing print and web experiences was a key theme of this issue of Colors. Themed as the ‘Teenagers’ issue, it invited teens from around the globe to submit stories and photography. What it received ranged from a fashion shoot just down the road from Fabrica’s studio to a Russian ‘vampire’, to a Cambodian Miss Landmine pageant winner. The Colors editorial team then contacted the best entries to hone their work for the magazine — they were also paid the full freelance rate for their work.

Fabrica executive director Andy Cameron describes the editorial creative process as “the best mix of web and print”.

“The print magazine becomes a key that unlocks all kinds of other levels of information on the website,” he says. “We’re not letting people access these videos unless they’ve got the print magazine. It’s very simple and obvious but no-one’s done it quite like this, where the web is supporting the editorial content of the print, and the print becomes an object that gives another level of value to the website. It’s a virtuous circle.”