BBC One to kill idents

Bye-bye dancers.

The Guardian's Owen Gibson reports that the BBC has finally got around to killing off its remarkably irritating selection of dancer idents.

That's the good news. Here's the bad: the new ones don't sound like much of an improvement.

The eight new "idents", the 10-second clips that link programmes, have a consistent circular motif and include images of hippos swimming, stunt kites flying, children playing and gravity-defying motorcyclists riding a wheel of death. The corporation hopes that, together with a new "softer" logo for the flagship channel and fresh music, the idents will help BBC1 stand out from the hundreds of digital channels and competing attractions on the internet and mobile phones. They will be launched on October 7.

In fairness it's not right to judge the new work by Red Bee Media (formerly BBC Broadcast) before it's actually been seen - and it will surely be excellently executed - but the rationale discussed above doesn't exactly inspire confidence, in me at least.

A little bit of head-scratching and I seem to remember that when the dancers were unveiled the BBC said that had wanted images that were of universal significance for the channel. How dancers are more universal than the previous identity - a globe, surely the most universal image of all - is beyond me.

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