BBC homepage redesign competition ends

A winner is found.

The BBC's 'reboot' competition, intended to peer into the future of the corporation's web presence, has ended with a winner being declared.

The winner is this interesting design by FF Ecosystem.

Apparently influenced by the movie 'Being John Malkovitch' (?!), the design revolves around not only the ability to tailor the web experience to your own needs, but to view the site through other people's eyes. Very web 2.0.

What I am interested in, however, is what all of this actually means in the real world.

According to the small print:

If your entry is judged to be the winner of the first prize you further accept and agree: The BBC may showcase your entry on the homepage or any other page of at a time and on a date to be determined by the BBC, the BBC reserves the right to require all source code in relation to your entry to facilitate the showcasing on the BBC website, the BBC reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary to your entry to ensure that it complies with all applicable BBC guidelines and policies.

Quite why the well-funded BBC couldn't simply have paid designers, including the winner, to come up with ideas, instead of having an orgy of free pitches a competition remains a mystery, to me at least.

What the corporation will actually do to its main page also remains shrouded in mystery, or at least ignorance on my part.

Well, whatever. Congratulations to the winner. It's a most interesting idea.

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