Cementing its relationship as a city of graphic design, Bareclona is playing host to an exhibition of sleeve art.

The exhibition, Vinyl. Records and Covers by Artists, is being held at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona explores the relationship between fine art and design for the music industry as well as art of sleeve design itself.

This exhibition focuses on a special area of artistic creation in the 20th century. It shows in visual and acoustic presentation long-playing records of visual artists, reflecting the variety of sound and language experiments at the limits of music. [...] With the extension of artistic expression into the field of sound and the visual forming of the record and its cover works of an innovative character and high aesthetic quality emerged. Artists from different trends of art created for their sound works the adequate covers. The ordinary object of the record cover 30 x 30 cm became under the hands of the artist an object of special attraction. The vinyl records acquire now-a-days a mythic character for the younger generation, for the older already a historical one.

Details can be found here.

The only shame is that it's not coming to the UK.