• All Singin’ VW

    Recreating the famous Singin’ in the Rain sequence to advertise the VW Golf GTI was the challenge for Stink. It came up smelling of roses.

  • David Droga's Ad Age

    “Selling is everything, from chatting up a girl in a bar to what you wear in the street.” But selling is changing, says David Droga, one of the biggest creative names in advertising.

  • Mobile telly phone

    The range of features on your mobile phone already goes well beyond nattering to your friends. Now, another could be on the way – TV on your phone.

  • Mac mini: What you need to know

    The Mac mini has arrived. Here’s what you need to know about the machine that’s tipped to propel Apple into mainstream computing.

  • Picture your perfect camera

    Which of the flash new features on digital cameras are just hype, and which will make a difference to your photography? Here’s our guide to buying your next digital camera.

  • Multimedia search comes of age

    Internet search providers are reacting to users’ rising interest in finding video content on the Web. But there are some steep challenges to be overcome.

  • Renegade Master

    “The design community used to be an exclusive club. Now they let any riff raff with a computer in.” Meet the ever-contrary Ian Anderson, founder of the unique Designers Republic.

  • Graphics for gamers guide

    As games such as Doom 3 push PC hardware to its limits, gamers are looking to PCI Express cards to maximize performance. We investigated the best upgrade options.

  • Brand Designs

    Creating a brand identity for a global company can be financially lucrative, but the commission will bring its own kind of design challenges.

  • Practice safe surfing, use a firewall

    The amount of malicious code on the Internet is staggering – experts say an unprotected PC will be under attack within 20 minutes of connecting. Here’s everything you need to know about firewalls – your saving grace.

  • The Syndicate

    When British Telecom wanted to get their 'networked-business' message across they turned to Californian VFX company The Syndicate. The 60-second ad took five months to make. We asked how they did it.

  • True types

    With an unchecked explosion in computer fonts, are we at risk of losing all sense of the true art of typography? Digit asked leading type designers to spell out how best to use type in today’s hypervisual age.

  • Inside the 3D Mummy

    Thumbprint Animation helps bring the story of an Egyptian priest to life with 3D reconstructions of a 3,000-year old mummy and the city of Karnak.

  • Design in 3D

    After years of speculation, the 3D display might soon be upon us. Digit checked out the technological advances that could make it happen.

  • The 25 best album covers

    It's caused anguish, joy, rage, and controversy at Digit Bungalow, but here are the titles we reckon are the greatest examples of album cover art ever.

  • Insight: Liz Citron - BIMA

    From being a key architect in the rise of the new media industry to working as a user experience expert and chair of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA), Liz Citron reckons the interactive industry is on the road to recovery.

  • Levi’s Girls online

    Levi’s Europe kick-started the spring season with a fresh new look and new sections including a women’s section on its Lateral-designed site.

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