Wacom MobileStudio Pro review

Artist Sam Gilbey discovers that Wacom's new tablet PC really is the best tool for drawing wherever you want to.

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Dahlia Barns said: Sam, wondering if you've had a chance to try the Mobilestudio using the link to your Mac yet? I'm also curious how seamless it is to send Photoshop or Illustrator files to your Mac from the Mobilestudio. I won't be giving up my Mac as the primary tool for client work and originally sought the Cintiq 22HD... but it seems that the Mobilestudio is positioning itself to replace even the Cintiq line up? It's hard to find direct comparisons of those products.Thanks for the informative review. It's the most comprehensive one I've found to date.

Markus Schlögl said: I really wonder if this is able to handle heavy handed Photoshopping. I work really large files like you do, but mainly for photography and in 16bits. The fact that Wacom doesn't even tell you what processor it uses, except for "i7" also doesn't seem very motivating, I discovered it's only a dual core CPU with 3.3 MHz or so, and 16 GB of RAM also don't seem very spectacular, VRAM is also a bit low for my 3D applications. I've read about lag issues, and I'd really, really hate spending THAT amount of money on a laggy device. Alternatively, I'm looking at a Dell XPS 15 with a quad core at 2.8 MHz, 32GB RAM and a similar GPU, but better screen (4K, 100% AdobeRGB, touch & hardware calibration), which is also supposed to be quite a beast for video editing.This is the first laptop I'll actually ever buy, because recently I had to use my old HD Acer with clients more often and it's simply an embarrassment. I never wanted a Laptop in the first place, because of all the tradeoffs and cost for something that might just barely replace my workstations, seems like a waste of money. So I'm moving with utter caution in this matter and I'm looking for real reassurance the Wacom will not fail me. After all you THANKFULLY wrote, I still feel queezy. Dual core... nope, just nope! Or not?

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