Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 review

Illustrator Ben O'Brien steps away from his desk to discover if Wacom's Cintiq Companion tablet computer is as good as you hope it is.


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Ohmy Shrunkenhead said: I waited a long time to get a Cintiq that really met my needs, because the different features across their product lineup seemed so erratic (screen quality, brightness, pen lag, ergonomics, etc). I'm emotionally invested in this one- probably more than I should be because it means so much to my productivity- so your words are very encouraging!I hope your Companion comes soon... Quite interested to hear how you like it.

val berger said: as the 27QD should definitely be handled as a premium product, it should work fine. gotta say, I've had not a single problem with my 13HD, so I guess Wacom's general quality should be OK :)

Ohmy Shrunkenhead said: My 27HD arrived Saturday, and I'm putting it together today... Can't express how much I need the hardware to function properly. Anything less would absolutely put me off Wacom permanently. My misgivings began as I purchased later generations of Intuos tablets and the quality declined. I sincerely hope that isn't the case with this.

val berger said: No the real luck would be if it's also working without any problems ;)many complaints about defect power adapters and month long rabts with the support. We'll see next week :)

val berger said: Thanks! Especially if you add the months I've been waiting since January, it has been quite a challenge for my patience.

Ohmy Shrunkenhead said: I did the same! The 27HD Touch showed up available to order in the middle of the night, was gone by morning, and it took three days to get order confirmation! Madness...If you do get the 512GB Companion, congratulations, because those haven't been available in the States at all (that I've seen).Best of luck to you.

Ohmy Shrunkenhead said: You can't get your f#cking hands on one. The company has a SERIOUS supply chain issue. It's gotten ridiculous. They give out these products to reviewers, but customers can't buy them: no pre/backorder, no solid updates on availability, terrible website UX and functionality, a whole menagerie of previous models that were never exactly what was needed, along with no charts or tools to compare models. The product designs are generally good, though less solid in recent years, but I question their competency as business people. If anyone else steps into this market, Wacom is going to flounder. They've spread themselves very thin with their lineup and are only beginning to consolidate.If I sound frustrated, that's because I am. I've fought tooth and nail to get a Cintiq27 Touch. The lack of reliable email updates on availability and screwy order 'review and confirmation' process is beyond unprofessional. I believe they hold back stock on purpose to maintain their price points, and the entire experience has left this longtime customer with a very bad aftertaste.

val berger said: I'm desperately searching the web for a review of the newer 512GB model. If anyone's got any clues, I'd be supergrateful!

liambrazier said: Sounds good. I'm a daily user of the first Companion and in regards to Ben's comments about the lack of shortcut keys - I make extensive use of the Radial pop up menu, mapped to one of the pen buttons, for my most use tools in whatever app I'm in. It's quicker that good ol'keyboard shortcuts for me now.

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