Cyber Monday 4K monitor deals: the best screens you need for art and design

Savings on Ultra HD and 4K monitors, including Amazon's Black Friday Countdown offers and more, updated 1st December 2019.

4K screens are relatively new, meaning you won't find as many deals on screens of this calibre as you would on screens of 1920 x 1080 resolution (the minimum res you should be aiming for as an illustrator or designer.)

4K and Ultra HD monitors are the best you can buy below 5K screens (not that there are many of those), and both terms actually mean the same kind of monitor, for 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) are interchangeable terms. Likewise, when you see a 4K UHD monitor you're simply looking at a 4K screen and nothing fancier as the name may suggest on first impression.

Below you can find the best deals currently out there on the British market for these displays, as sourced from Amazon and Curry's and hand-picked by our monitor experts; these aren't just cheap monitors, but decent cheap monitors that you can rely on for making your creations.

Cyber Monday LG deals

Best BenQ deals (updated 22 November 2019)

BenQ EW3270U

BenQ is a respected name in the monitor market, and the BENQ EW3270U is a respected 32" 4K monitor that's gone on sale as of today at Amazon UK. For £309.99 you save 20% on this screen, which boasts 100% sRGB and 88% Adobe RGB specs. 

Best Samsung deals

Samsung LU28E570DS

Amazon's Black Friday Countdown campaign launched today, including with it a Samsung LU28E570DS, a 28" incher going for over 20% cheaper at £219.99, saving you 60 big ones. 

Samsung Space Monitor

For those with more of a budget the one to get is the Samsung Space Monitor (Samsung S32R750, below), which this year got a 4/5 star review on our sister site TechAdvisor.

At almost 10% cheaper you can find the monitor on sale at Amazon for £404.98.

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