Why brand loyalty isn’t dead, but why brands have to change to get it

Popular wisdom has it that brand loyalty is dead. Rob Coke, group brand strategy director at Studio Output – who has worked with brands such as the BBC, Sony PlayStation and Speedo – disagrees, but says that many brands need to change to continue to engender loyalty.

In the video above, Rob says that – while technology has changed the way we communicate with each other – the key influencers on the way we perceive brands have stayed the same.  He traces the psychological reasons why we have loyalty to brands, why different brands resonate more or less with different people and details what he thinks brands should be like in 2014: as irrational as real people.

Rob (above) was speaking at a recent series of talks organised by Studio Output at the Digital Arts HQ, alongside Hive's head of digital Ewa Lascelles – who detailed five ways to drive success in digital marketing.

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