What Made Me: YouView creative director Fani Sazaklidou

The creative director of TV service YouView reveals the five principles and experiences that drive her to create

1 Two lives in one 

“I lived half my life in a town of complete conformity [in a small town in Greece] and then moved to one of the most multicultural and multidimensional cities in the world. I grew up knowing everyone’s intimate life stories and now I’m crossing paths with millions of strangers just on my way to work.  

“You can detect influences of both worlds in my work. My work is never exclusive, although it always feels premium. You can often perceive the intimacy and warmth of a small-town family life and the vibrancy, ambition and speed of modern cities.

“Moving to a foreign country at a young age, not being able to speak the language and having to find my own way made me somewhat focused and determined.”


2 Pop culture 

“I love the insanity of popular culture: fashion, media, music, technology, TV, video games, mobiles, apps, social media and the craziness of all these together. My ideal project combines all of those elements, and I’ve been lucky to find products and teams allowing me to do exactly that. 

“Sony’s SingStar for PlayStation – a game I was the creative director for – is a really good example of bringing competitive gaming, music, art, online communities and e-commerce together in an engaging way.  

“YouView is another example of bringing current trends into the mainstream audience. YouView takes the everyday TV experience into a different level. It integrates linear viewing and on-demand content under a beautifully crafted, simple and seamless user interface.”

3 Borderless Technology

“I absolutely love technology. It organises and entertains me. It’s my global library, it brings me close to my international group of friends and it allows me to work with the best talent globally. It removes borders and constrains. I am committed to producing innovative work and coming up with different ways of doing things – ordinary or extraordinary. I see my work as a creative fusion of art and technology.” 

4 Complexity is the enemy 

“I have very little patience for complex systems and devices. I find myself obsessively simplifying interfaces and designs. I want people to look at our work and not be overwhelmed. All the complexity is absolutely hidden. There’s something very beautiful and powerful in simplicity.

“Every single feature we are adding goes through scrutiny on how useful, fun and relevant it is to the user. I’d much rather give people less but the right things than tick every single box and create products that are not fully enjoyed or understood.”

5 The search for new talent

“I love everything beautiful. I spend hours every day browsing various photography, design, art and fashion blogs, and walking around the city admiring the architecture, street art and style. There’s so much talent out there. It’s all so inspiring. I absolutely love working with talented people.” youview.com 

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