Top 20 projects of 2013

Check out the awesome and inspiring projects that impressed us in 2013, from John Lewis's heart-warming Bear and Hare Christmas ad to the frighteningly realistic zombies in World War Z.

From well-known design studios to illustrators that are just starting out in the industry, we've seen an enormous range of projects spanning VFX, illustration, animation, graphic design, film, interactive design and more.

Aardman created a new animated film for a Pink Floyd drama, DC released new interactive comics, Ollie Munden created stunning wooden guitars and an animator created a stop motion Tetris made out of chalk and canvas.

When it comes to technology, the presence of 3D printing in the industry has grown throughout 2013, and it's being used in increasingly life-changing ways, while the popularity of tablets is skyrocketing: even Tesco has launched one, and we interviewed the creators of its user interface. 

Find out more about all of these projects and many more, by following the links in our top 20 projects of 2013 collection below.

Gravity VFX

The London-based VFX house has provided us with an in-depth look at the technical process behind the space-based disaster movie.

World War Z

We spoke to Cinesite's VFX supervisor on zombie movie World War Z, Matt Johnson, about how the film was created, and published a series of hi-res VFX breakdowns of the work of Cinesite and MPC on the film.

3D printing community rallies to create £3 hand for 12-year-old boy

A congenital birth defect left Leon McCarthy without fingers on his left hand, but designers have come together to print him a prosthetic hand using about £3 in materials.'s illustrated children's books are different for every child

Books with your child's name printed in them – or through them – are nothing new, but the project offers a level of personalisation we've not seen before. 


Tesco entered into the tablet market with Hudl this year, which was branded by SomeOne. We spoke to digital studio Ustwo about its UX design work helping make the tablet easy to set-up and use for the average consumer.

Behind the scenes on Aardman's new Darkside film for BBC Radio 2 Pink Floyd drama

The animation has been created by Aardman to accompany a BBC Radio 2 play celebrating the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon.

See Ugo Gattoni's bike illustrations for the Museum of London 

The Museum of London's new London Cycles display featured 10 brand new portraits by artist Ugo Gattoni. 

Inside DC's new interactive digital comics

DC Entertainment tells us about new storytelling technology that will soon start appearing in DC's digital comics line. 

Pitchfork's creative director discusses the design of Cover Stories

The creative process behind the music site's innovative, elegant layouts for in-depth interviews with the likes of Daft Punk, Bat for Lashes and Savages.

Interview: Queens of the Stone Age's Like Clockwork cover artist Boneface

The artist tells us about hanging out in Josh Homme's studio and creating art drawn from 80s horror, game and comic culture.

Exhibition showing artworks drawn and built on beermats 

See work from entrants, plus Tado, Felt Mistress, Jonathan Edwards, Sandra Dieckmann, Simon Wild and Sneaky Raccoon. 

Art projects that help children in hospital get better faster

Two recent projects for hospitals show how children respond to therapy better in environments that make them happy and feel engaged. 

Floria Sigismondi marries Bowie and Swinton for The Stars (Are Out Tonight) music video

Video also stars Andrej Pejic, Saskia De Brauw and Iselin Steiro in a creepy look at fame.

Crush animates textured vector animals for Seattle Zoo ad

Never The Same – Sloth Bear Cubs is the second of two spots for Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, created by Toronto-based agency Crush.

This brilliant new CG animation will both charm you & horrify you

What if we lived in a world populated by people without mouths? Dutch animation studio Job, Joris & Marieke wondered just that, and has created a fun animates short with a rather dark undertone that explores the question.

Discover the making of John Lewis's heartwarming animated Christmas ad 

John Lewis's Christmas ad, The Bear & The Hare, mixes stop-motion and 2D animation that has been widely praised across both traditional and social media.

Ollie Munden collaborates with wood and leather craftsmen on awesome guitar project

Illustrator, tattoo designer and Digital Arts contributor Ollie Munden has collaborated on an awesome new project with a guitar-builder and leatherwork craftsman to create two stunning engraved guitars. 

Artist creates generative portraits using images from Hubble Space Telescope

Artist Sergio Albiac has used images sourced from the Hubble Space Telescope and photographs sent in by the public to create a series of generative portraits for his Stardust exhibition.

This stop-motion Tetris is made out of chalk and canvas

If you thought Tetris can get trick enough on a computer screen, imagine trying to play it in real life, with chalk.

The Mill creates smiled-inducing Lexus ad starring cute quadcopters

Award-winning VFX studio The Mill has teamed up with Rogue Films and CHI & Partners to create a fun ad starring cute quadcopters for car-maker Lexus, as part of the Amazing in Motion project.

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