Top 10 portfolios of 2013

Take a look at some of our favourite portfolios featured on Digital Arts in 2013

Throughout 2013, we saw work from many talented artists from a diverse range of creative industries, including illustration, graphic design, paper art, typography and animation.

We've featured more than 50 portfolios in 2013, but after much deliberation, here are 10 of our favourites for your viewing pleasure. We're sure they'll leave you feeling inspired to get started on a creative 2014.

Darel Seow

Darel Seow is a London-based illustrator who was born in Singapore, and has worked for clients including Threadless, DODOCase and Gap. He loves to tell stories through his work, and particularly enjoys drawing animals.

Joe Todd Stanton

Joe is a Bristol-based illustrator who's heavily influenced by his childhood addiction to comics and the Cartoon Network.

Jules Julien

Jules Julien is a designer and visual artist based in Paris, whose work covers a varied range of styles from graphics to illustration.

Louis Roskosch

Comic artist Louis Roskosch describes his work as "non-pretentions. Silly but well crafted". We concur.

Marcell Bandicksson

Film and TV poster designer Marcell Bandicksson describes himself as a thoughtful and passionate person who strives to represent great ideas through creative imagery.

Orlagh Murphy

Orlagh Murphy is an illustrator and designer from Dublin, currently residing in Cornwall. She's inspired by being outdoors, music, old books, portraits, pattern, skeletons and scientific diagrams.

Rebecca Jay Buckland

Rebecca is an illustrator, designer and visual merchandiser based in south London. She mixes traditional draughtsmanship with modern techniques.


Stellavie is a Hamburg-based design studio loving paper, p4lqo;;;;2----rint, production, typography, concepts, curiosity and surprising ideas and solutions. It's run by Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein. 

Tom Gordon

Tom Gordon is a playful design enthusiast who refuses to take his job to seriously. He says he produces work he would like to see or won himself – avoiding trends as much as possible so as to gain a "timeless" feel to his work.

Yo Az

Yo Az is a digital illustrator whose colourful work takes inspiration from Picasso, Shepard Fairey, Mcbess and Ron English.

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