Top 10 opinion pieces of 2013

Discover what’s really got us going in 2013 as top creatives take clients, tutors, Adobe, design ‘competitions’, responsive design and more to task.

"Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone’s got one.” goes the old maxim. Well then, that means we must have some of the most eloquent, provocative and best informed arseholes writing for us – as our opinion pieces have proved to be some of the most popular articles we’ve published this year.

Over the year, we’ve featured opinions from very successful creatives working with top-flight clients, and from less well-known names who’ve conquered adversity – or just found something out that we think the rest of the creative community should know about. If there’s a common thread, it’s about sticking up for you and those who will follow you in the face of outside influences – client demands, mass media portrayals of creatives, the actions of technology companies, what’s being taught to the next generation of designers and artists.

So prepare to be stoked, provoked, inspired and informed – and let us know your thoughts in the comments below each piece (or on Twitter, Facebook or by email, letter, telegram or carrier pigeon).

Opinion: Dove campaign blaming graphic designers and retouchers is pure hypocrisy

'Skincare' brand Dove's latest campaign from Canada takes a swing at those 'directly responsible' for retouching photos in ad campaigns, magazines and newspapers. The hypocrisy of this is somewhere between laughable and shout-at-your-monitor aggrevating.

Opinion: Tutors have failed design graduates

Simon Wright (above), MD of Greenwich Design has been unimpressed with the new graduate designers that he's been interviewing for jobs – and says the tutors are to blame.

Opinion: Why you should stop entering design competitions

Many design 'competitions' are just ways for brands to get you to work for free – and we need to put a stop to them.

Opinion: How Adobe Creative Cloud left me amused, perplexed and infuriated

James Nolan, founder of Stoke Ripley Creative, gives his experiences of moving to Adobe Creative Cloud – and dealing with Adobe's customer service who asked him to shut down his business for a day.

Opinion: Accessible websites should be beautiful too

Agencies can make websites accessible without sacrificing aesthetics, says the CEO and founder of design agency Nomensa.

Why brands need to develop mobile apps at speed or lose out to competitors

Firms need to develop mobile applications at a fast pace or risk losing out to their competitors, according to Betfair's head of agile development.

How to make the most of being made redundant

Papercut artist and illustrator Mr Yen – aka Johnathan Chapman – writes about how he's used losing his job as an opportunity to work on his passion full-time.

Opinion: Design is not a contest

smashLab's creative director tells us why only the people that should be motivated by contests are children at birthday parties.

12 things they never taught you at design school

We ask leading graphic designers and creative directors to tell us the most important things they’ve learned in their careers. What they say may surprise you.

2014 creative trends: leading creatives’ hopes and fears for the year ahead

16 top creative directors, designers and illustrators speak their minds about what’s in store for 2014.

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