Top 10 in-depth reads of 2013

Spend some time with our best longform features from the past year across  branding, graphic design, illustration, graphic design, animation, VFX, post-production and more.

Most of the year, finding time to read in-depth features can be tricky. Between your creative work and your life outside it, it can be a push to fit in time to follow one of journalists as they explore a subject in detail.

But this is how you truly up your game, not just by taking in brief snippets of other people’s work and ‘inspirational’ quotes – but by getting into the subtlety and nuance of a subject and bringing together the opinions of some of the smartest, most knowledgable creatives across the disciplines.  

Here we’ve brought together the most popular in-depth guides to creative subjects across branding, graphic design, illustration, graphic design, animation, VFX and post-production – plus a few of our favourites. So if you’ve missed any of these during the year and you find yourself with a little spare time in the run up to NYE, spend some time being inspired and informed for the year ahead.

Gravity VFX detailed by Framestore

The London-based VFX house has provided us with an in-depth look at the technical process behind the space-based disaster movie.

Interview: Universal Everything's Matt Pyke 'interactive design lets the public create something beautiful’

The founder of one of the UK's most innovative studios discusses his approach to interactive design for clients such as Intel, Audi, Apple, Coldplay and the V&A.

How to get good feedback from clients and colleagues

By continually re-evaluating your work and listening to feedback, you can take your work in interesting new directions.

Sexism dot com: how do we stop the abuse directed at female web designers?

We investigate the vile misogyny aimed at the likes of Sarah Parmenter (above), which could also be putting women off joining the web industries.

Lions, tigers & bears - oh my! What's hot in animal illustration

Laura Snoad discovers how artists are being inspired by the natural world to produce distinctive artworks

Are MOOCs the future of professional development and training for creatives?

Traditional forms of creative education and professional development are under fire as affordable fleet-of-foot online alternatives take hold.

The future of post-production: 4K and HDR video

Michael Burns looks back over the IBC show in Amsterdam to discover new tech and emerging trends.

How to design responsive websites

Responsive web design finally breaks the internet free from the static shackles of print, but understanding how it works requires a whole new way of thinking. Learn it here

Master next-generation print effects

New capabilities available through the latest generation of digital presses are shaking up the design world’s ideas of what can be achieved in affordable, short-run or personalised print projects.

Interview: Innocent creative director Dan Germain

Dan Germain (above) tells Alice Ross why the savviest creatives produce an overarching story for brands that lets customers tell their own around it.

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