Graduate success story: Natalie Suthons

Promo for BBC 3 show People Like Us

When tasked with a branding project at university, designer Natalie Suthons couldn’t have picked something more appropriate for her future career at Red Bee. The Ravensbourne motion graphics graduate opted to create an identity for a hypothetical Channel 4 offshoot, aimed at the over 60s. “It involved looking at the whole package – so many different design treatments across different platforms,” explains Suthons. “That really opened up a whole different avenue for me.”

Focused on film from an early age, Natalie spent a year at film school in Bournemouth before discovering designing for the screen. Switching to Ravensbourne to pursue motion graphics, she worked on everything from documentary-making through to kinetic typography projects – something that she now uses frequently in her current role.

Promotional ads for Radio 2

While still at university, Natalie carried out internships at Creative Nuts and Addiction Entertainment (where she worked on projects for Comedy Central and did rotoscoping for a programme on Jimi Hendrix), and produced a series of five- to 10-second motion graphics films for a performance artist from US hit TV show Glee. At her degree show, she was offered a six-week internship at Bruce Dunlop Associates before a job offer came forth from Red Bee. “I was over the moon when they offered me a job because I’d heard so much about them,” explains Natalie. “Their work was held up as an example of the best all the way through uni.”

Natalie now works in Red Bee’s promo wing, creating branding and motion graphics with a quick turnaround. Perhaps her favourite project so far was working on the BBC’s People Like Us, a gritty show about an estate in Manchester. “Rather than it be really depressing, the brief was to make heroes out of each of the characters and make it exciting and vibrant.” The promo shows a clip of each person talking, then at the right moment, it bursts into animation, with bold graphics and bright colours.

“I’m really happy at Red Bee. There’s so much room to progress, and having the BBC and UKTV as your main clients means you have so much variety – and such a high standard of colleagues.”

Promo for TV drama The White Queen

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