The Power of Employer Branding


Embracing travel and adventure is not just an element of Airbnb’s product but of their culture too. To work at Airbnb you need to be committed to their core values which act as the cultural tenets for the entire organisation. Fiona Keane Recruitment Manager at Airbnb says a deep understanding of these values leads to a harmonious work environment even with an incredibly diverse employee base. For her, Airbnb’s employer brand is determined by their team.

“Our employees are our ambassadors out there, really good advocates networking in the local community.

Creating and sharing behind the scenes content of their team has amplified this community advocacy to global advocacy.  Take a look at this piece co-created with Jobbio:


No article about employer branding would be complete without mentioning Mark Zuckerberg and his unstoppable empire. The social media giant is rated number 2 in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work with employees raving about the perks - free food, beer and haircuts. Culturally they champion connection and belonging between all employees across the globe. In the ethos of sharing, they’ve produced an extensive series of videos about working at Facebook. These offer insights into what it’s like to work in specific roles and departments in the company.


Intel pride themselves on their diverse and inclusive team. It’s this diversity that they feel sets them apart from similar companies. In 2015, Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich announced that the multinational would invest $300 million to achieve full representation in just 5 years. They have a ‘Women at Intel Network’ which offers skills workshops, mentoring and networking to support and encourage women in tech. As a company, they are committed to STEM learning and take part in educational programmes in underdeveloped countries as well as student science initiatives. Watch the testimonials of their team here created by Jobbio:


Riot Games

Inventors of League of Legends, Riot Games are also famous for their amazing employer brand. They featured in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for the past 2 years, as well as being named in Best Places To Work’s most flexible and Millennial aligned companies.

Their mission is quite simple - Be the most player focused gaming company in the world. Their Director of Talent, David Barker, says that this overarching principle guides everything they do. Their team are highly passionate and believe in a culture that’s based on shared values rather than funky perks. “It’s not bean bags, free food or free coffee”, he said. They promote their employer brand by championing their employees through unique content offering a snapshot of life on the Riot Games team.

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