Chatting creativity: our most inspiring interviews of 2019

Insightful, enlightening interviews with big names ranging across illustration, animation, design, art and more.

Trojan Horse is a Unicorn, Adobe MAX, D&AD Festival - Digital Arts travelled far and wide this year to interview art and design's greatest talents, going in deep across their careers and bringing you the nuggets of wisdom needed to help propel your career.

Below you'll find our fifteen greatest interviews of the year, perfect for reading on this Christmas break away from the studio.

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The Last Freelance Wars

Last year the Freelance Wars Twitter account combined two of our favourite things: GIFs and snarky commentary on the daily frustrations of being a creative. 

After a year, creator Alex Griendling decided to let Freelance Wars fade to black, and we caught up with him over email to look back over the project's success and find out if he's likely to resurrect it in 16 years time (or just next year with an embarrassing holiday special).

Read here, young Padawan.

Takashi Murakami told us first he's turning to folk music

Detail from photo by RK

In this interview from ComplexCon 2019 the art legend told us which Kanye cover he made in a day, and why he's becoming a folk singer. 

Read here.

Chip Kidd is the Batman

BATMAN © copyright and trademark DC Entertainment. Image used for scholarly purposes.

The book cover master for Haruki Murakami on branding the Dark Knight and opening up his Batcave of sketches and Bat-Manga for a very special exhibition.

Read here.

Tina Touli on being a design maverick

Tina Touli on livestreaming her design practice for students and brands like Adobe. The designer also told us about the power of experimentation, and gave advice on how to be a better teacher - watch video above or read the feature here.

How being bad at illustration encouraged Julian Glander to make his own AI art teacher

Find out how Julian Glander: The Movie became the Microsoft Paint of our future overlords in this gonzo interview from Pictoplasma 2019.

Read here.

Illustrator Simon Landrein explains his peculiar, provocative comic strips

Simon Landrein's I Don't Get It has come to London's Pocko Gallery, a series of comics and prints that err on the edgy. We sat down with the artist for a chat and a giggle that you can watch above or read here.

Anti-Trump artist Edel Rodriguez on how he's not so different to Donald - and why dialogue is failing #MeToo

As Donald Trump hit London for his state visit he might have seen hard-hitting art by the man behind your favourite anti-Trump magazine covers. Find out more in our interview with Edel touching on black comedy, universal humour and his biggest similarity to the President.

Read here.

Loish and the influence of The Little Mermaid on her female character designs 

Photo by Willeke Machiels

Neww Dutch master Lois van Baarle on designing for Horizon Zero Dawn, and why thin eyebrows won't exist after the apocalypse.

Read here.

Webcomic Name's Alex Norris and loop king Laurie Rowan on finding success and laughter with their characters

Two great talents whose characters you can recognise from anywhere talked to us from Pictoplasma and D&AD Festival 2019, with topics ranging from barmy ballet and comedy to the artist as a persona.

Read here.

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From Game of Thrones to Women's Weekly: Ricardo Bessa on his sublime style and diverse clients

The illustrator discussed with us his work, influences and why representing LGBT+ identities is so important to him.

Read here.

The geometric, gonzo world of Tokyo-based vector artist BloodBros

An interview with Emile Holmewood aka Bloodbros, the vector artist who'll catch your eye with his comics, GIFs and characters.

Read here.

Cute cats and cult cinema - say hello to South Korean illustrator Dasom Yun

In her first English interview the South Korean talent talks about her love for Aardman, Awkwafina and Hong Kong cinema.

Read here.

Fleabag and film noir: Jennifer Dionisio on how cinema inspires her timeless artistry

The London artist tells us about mastering film-inspired illustration, and how her striking Fleabag billboard came to life.

Read here.

Lena Vargas on bringing life, fun and adventure to her art

There’s so much life to the artwork of Lena Vargas Afanasieva – who illustrates professionally as just Lena Vargas. Her work is packed with movement and detail, with contrasting colour palettes used to hold each composition together, guiding the eye around each element to discover little visual metaphors and other delights.

We discovered her due to her illustration for a HuffPost article on how the Game of Thrones pilot could have been a terrible mess – and she’s also created work across editorial (The Washington Post and Playboy) and advertising (Johnnie Walker and Toyota). We wanted to find out more about her and her approach to her practice, so caught up with her over email.

Read interview here.

Illustrator of strong women Camila Rosa explains why she's a political artist - but not an activist

The Brazilian illustrator discusses her approach to activism in art, and her journey from industrial designer to political artist of note via the city of New York.

Read here.

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