What emerging technologies are you most excited by in 2014?

"As a proud owner of a Pebble, I'm really interested in seeing what happens with smart watches next year. Wearable technology has been big news this year with things like Google Glass, various smart watches and the Myo – and I think we haven't even scratched the surface from a marketing point of view.

 "Personally, I think it's an amazing challenge to starting thinking of digital campaigns in terms of the desktop, the tablet, the phone and the watch. Creatively, I think working with something that small will be a big challenge and I think we'll see the truly great creative agencies do some amazing work."
Alan Parker, MD, Lowe Epic

"2011 was the year responsive design started seeping into the consciousness of most agencies, 2012 was the year agencies started experimenting with the technique and 2013 was the year clients started asking for responsive sites by default.

"2014 will be the year responsive design hits the mainstream. As such, if you launch a site in 2014 for a major brand and it's not responsive, you're going to look out of place and people will want to know why."
Andy Budd, partner, Clearleft

"I am most excited about the excellent work that Indie Web community is doing and by the number of projects that are arising around the area of Indie Data in general."."
Aral Balkan, user experience designer and founder, Indie

"New and improved display technologies get me excited, whether it's hi-res flexible LED panels or laser video projectors. It means cool content can look even better when shown in the most unlikely places."
Chad Hutson, executive producer, Leviathan

"Depth filming and 3D printing. I’ve dabbled with both in moderation but would like to experiment more for film-making and character-creation purposes. I’m keen to find out more about Arri’s RGB+Z prototype camera set up.  That looks like an interesting development."
Darren Dubicki, director/designer, Aardman Animations

"Being a Mac-based studio we're rather excited and apprehensive about getting our hands on the new Mac Pros. Recent integration between software developers has helped achieve some amazing strides forward in motion design. In the studio we use a lot of Cinema 4D and After Effects and have recently been working closely with the Maya and Nuke team within MPC – helping us push the quality even further.

"We are always keeping an eye on emerging technologies in render software and the growing development in real-time rendering and motion capture."
Dave Haupt, creative director, MPC's Motion Design Studio

"The practical beginnings of connected medicine. How non-invasive, accessible technology creates predictive treatment."
Ian Wharton, creative director, AKQA

"If they can make e-cigarrettes for the nicotine addicted I wonder how long it will be until we see e-chocolate bars. Chocolate-E-clairs anyone?"
Jon Burgerman, illustrator and food enthusiast

"I'm looking forward to sensors becoming more abundant and (hopefully) less costly, allowing them to permeate our daily lives far more. This will allow us to more accurately personalise services to the audience, empowering them to have a much greater insight into their own actions.

"Connected to the notion of more sensors, I'm also looking forward to seeing the advances made in the area of wearable fitness and gadgets as they become more mainstream and have potentially more mundane – but still important – uses. I'm hoping that the advances made already will have a greater impact on helping and giving more momentum to the opportunities in health products and services."
Oli Shaw, service design lead, Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive

"Apps for uploading mobile phone images to photojournalism sites."
Rebecca Swift, head of creative planning, iStock

“There's lots of advances happening in retail, both in-store and online. Same day delivery for online purchases is something we'll take for granted, but is pretty amazing. In-store we're set to see a rise in low-cost Bluetooth devices like the Estimote, which will allow retailers to send specific information to customer smartphones.

"Paying with products in-store using your smartphone is awesome too as we're seeing with Apple's Apple Store app and Square Wallet for example."
Shaun Tollerton, visual designer, ustwo

"Data and social. The data is gold-dust for business and those that can harness it and use it to better serve their audiences will win. Social networks are maturing and becoming far more powerful – we're really interested in how they can be used to power brand's actions."
Simon Manchipp, co-founder, SomeOne

"There’s nothing at the moment that truly excites me. I think ‘cloud’ technology is probably the one thing I find the most useful... but if there is anything that I am wishing for in terms of technology in 2014 is for a fully functional Adobe Illustrator to work on an iPad.

"It is great that I can be reasonably creative on an iPad, and I would love to be able to fully integrate it with my work."
Stanley Chow, illustrator

"I've yet to play with 3D printing so I'd like to get involved with that, but I'd also like to mix what I do with anything that will produce a tactile experience. I want to be able to pick up and play with my work as opposed to simply printing it out as a flat image."
Steven Bonner, designer

"At the moment I’m fixated with 3D printing. I’m hoping to explore 3D printing in a project over the next 12 months, so if anyone has access to a printer please let me know,

"More relevant to the photography industry however, there’s been a huge shift in the industry to focus on Mirrorless Interchangable Lens Cameras, which have been getting a lot of praise from professional photographers for the quality of images and the significantly lighter/smaller lenses.

"It will be really interesting to see how pro photographers who have already invested significant money into digital SLR technology and lenses react to this change. I’ve just been given one to trial over the Christmas period, so I guess its a case of watching this space for the next couple of months and seeing what happens."
Tigz Rice, photographer, Tigz Rice Studios

"With the turnover of technology these days whatever it is that's emerging will be dated before it's even launched! I jest. I guess Apple will come up with something. They're kind of expected to these days, aren't they?

"3D printing – will that become anything more than a gimmick?"  
Tom Actman, founder & creative director, Mat Dolphin

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