What will be the key skills or knowledge that you’d like to learn in 2014?

"We're really interested in social integration within TV advertising. There's been a few bits and pieces done here and there, but nothing amazing and I think it's ripe for someone to crack it. As such, I'd really like to grapple with that and produce the first piece of truly great work in that area."
Alan Parker, MD, Lowe Epic

"We're really excited about the role animation has to play in bringing digital experiences to life. This is especially true when presenting prototypes to clients. As such, I think we're going to be brushing up on our animation skills – whether that's in Keynote, After Effects or a new range of CSS animation tools."
Andy Budd, partner, Clearleft

"Given that I’ll be making a phone, I’ll be learning a lot about a lot of things. Mostly, though, I am spending my time learning about the people, projects, and products that are out there to see which bits we can combine to make this beautiful, seamless device and start reclaiming our privacy and civil liberties."
Aral Balkan, user experience designer and founder, Indie

"I consider myself a strategic person in regards to the projects I go after for Leviathan; we naturally want the coolest clients that strive to break new ground. Since the caché and size of some mega-clients/brands can sometimes be intimidating, I'm going to work on eliminating all notions that these entities are unapproachable, then approach and work with them. But only if it's on our terms."
Chad Hutson, executive producer, Leviathan

"I predominantly spend time in the CG world but additional opportunities to marry ideas with live action are occurring more and more.  With this in mind, it’s apparent that it’s completely possible to leave a live action set with material to recreate it with incredible detail, using processes such as LIDAR scanning, depth filming and HDRI capture.

"I’d like to have a better understanding of the methods for scene and lighting recreation, such as HDRI projections in Nuke.

"I’m also planning projects involving tracked footage, studio-based motion control and CG integration, so again, more knowledge of Nuke’s tools will come in handy."
Darren Dubicki, director/designer, Aardman Animations

"Personally, in this industry there is always so much to learn. We want to continue to be up to date with the current trends and partner with clients on interesting, challenging and innovative projects."
Dave Haupt, creative director, MPC's Motion Design Studio

"As much as I can from my peers to be a better manager at AKQA. To improve significantly at writing dialogue for the screen."
Ian Wharton, creative director, AKQA

"I’m hoping moving to Birmingham will help me slow down and become more focussed in my project and client choices – and help create a healthier work/life balance.”
Jenny Theolin, director, Soapbox & Sons

"Management of time to do the things I want to do. The skill of focusing on just one thing at a time.

"My skill set is limited but with plenty of room for improvement. I'd love to learn how to code but I just struggle to find the time to really get into it. I'd like to dabble more in music too, and make clothing but – as a sole, lazy, freelancer that still hand washes the dishes after cooking dinner – time, presently, is too scarce."
Jon Burgerman, illustrator and food enthusiast

"I don't think there is an explicit set of skills for designing living or thinking services, but I will be looking to increase my toolbox of techniques to probe and shape ambiguous problems which need addressing. I'm always looking to explore more ways of conducting co-design workshops with clients and audiences, as well as lots more prototyping to understand how things should feel and be experienced."
Oli Shaw, service design lead, Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive

"How to write better, and how to edit video."
Rebecca Swift, head of creative planning, iStock

“HTML prototypes have been an excellent way to give your app design context and to get a sense of the flows within it. However the motion behind these are pretty basic. The proper way to do this (at least for iOS) is to use Xcode where your prototypes will feel more like a native experience. Look out for popular Xcode tutorials if you want to learn more."
Shaun Tollerton, visual designer, ustwo

"How to better collaborate and work internationally. Just as a good holiday enriches the mind, so does a great business trip or a challenging collaboration with a new part of the world with an unfamiliar creative ingredient.

"I think I'm going to learn Mandarin. China blew my socks off this year."
Simon Manchipp, co-founder, SomeOne

"Because I have taken on new staff, personally I need to learn how to manage a team and being part of a team. As I have been freelance for nearly 20 years, I’ve never had a boss or worked within a team environment. I believe the success of my business will be down to keeping everyone in my studio happy and motivated."
Stanley Chow, illustrator

"Definitely! I'm just not 100% sure what they are yet."
Steven Bonner, designer

"I’ve set a new year’s resolution already that 2014 will be the year I build my first app. I’ve already been brushing up on my DPS software skills using the new features in Adobe Creative Cloud. The ideas are all there, I’ve just got to set a deadline for myself and make sure it materialises."
Tigz Rice, photographer, Tigz Rice Studios

"I want to get into consulting and to offer clients more than a 'logo + website starter kit'. Strategy, long term solutions and properly immersing myself in to the culture of clients is more exciting to me than kerning and colours."  
Tom Actman, founder & creative director, Mat Dolphin

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