NB: What from 2013 would you most like to see the back of?

"I think that would definitely be anything related to the 'keep calm and…' memes. What was originally quite an iconic part of our history has been dragged through the digital gutter and the resulting regurgitations have ranged from mildly annoying to downright offensive."
Alan Parker, MD, Lowe Epic

"The public bitching about 'stupid clients' does the design industry no favours. So – however amusing – I'd like to see the back of twitter feeds and blogs lambasting clients. After all, these sites say less about the client than the designers inability to explain and justify their work."
Andy Budd, partner, Clearleft

"The continuing collapse of the VFX industry. It only gives the few remaining giants that much more power to wield."
Chad Hutson, executive producer, Leviathan

""We live in a global world and we sometimes see work that mirrors other commercial or art projects.  This can either be coincidental or in some cases one piece has inspired the birth of another piece of content by a new author.

"Where the latter is the case, across the industry people shouldn’t be afraid or see it as a disadvantage to credit their source of inspiration."
Dave Haupt, creative director, MPC's Motion Design Studio

"Overuse of the term 'Big Data’."
Ian Wharton, creative director, AKQA

"Creative baggage. We all have it; if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be trying hard enough. I look forward to my [impending move to Birmingham from London] because it means I’ll have a new opportunity to give my desktop a spring clean, and it will inspire me to evaluate and develop my successes instead of wallowing on the defeats.”
Jenny Theolin, director, Soapbox & Sons

""Having my work rip-offed, either wholesale or smartly enough to avoid legal action. I occasionally have a weird dilemma that if I don't take a certain job the client will probably just 'reproduce' a close facsimile of my work anyway, so I might as well take the job.

 "I see there are some groups on Facebook alerting people to when companies copy artists work. I wish there was an independent organisation out there to help artists challenge the companies."
Jon Burgerman, illustrator and food enthusiast

"The overuse and under delivery of the term 'innovation'. It is liberally spread everywhere and is fast losing its meaning. It shouldn't be a blanket term used to describe anything that needs some added sparkle – it should be described as innovative by others, not tagged as innovative to sell like 'new and improved’.

"I'm also really hoping that we can see the back of the debates around flat UI and skeuomorphism. I'd much rather be putting that focus and energy into better understanding the purpose we are trying to communicate and what the right method of communication is."
Oli Shaw, service design lead, Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive

"Over-indulgent selfies."
Rebecca Swift, head of creative planning, iStock

“3D movies. Jeez."
Shaun Tollerton, visual designer, ustwo

"I'm fed up with the general misery surrounding new work. We should be celebrating change and those who commission work to support and herald the new. Design blogs are now a terrifying prospect for many design companies as they often see their work needlessly stampeded by bedroom critics. We as a creative industry are doing ourselves a disservice while wailing at each other in plain sight of those looking to allocate budgets in our direction."
Simon Manchipp, co-founder, SomeOne

"I’d like to see the end of plagiarism and just blatant stealing of other people’s work. It’s as if some people don’t realise that the Internet exists…

 "I can sort of understand it when a small back street T-shirt, clothing, print, poster company take a chance to earn a couple of extra quid knocking out a design they’ve seen on the internet – but more and more I see big clothing companies steal a design and the originator isn’t compensated.

"I had a situation earlier this year where one of my illustrations was turned into an animation used in a TV spot. I didn’t see it myself, but I had about 20-odd people tweet me to tell me they saw my illustration on TV. I was awarded damages, but it could have been so painless, by just asking for permission and being paid a licence fee."
Stanley Chow, illustrator

"Minimal pop culture posters or any variation on that theme. I've got no problem with people doing culturally inspired work – in fact I'm doing a couple myself as part of a themed exhibition – but this trend of trying to reductively illustrate movies, books and music is getting on my nerves. They were interesting the first time then it got dull real quick. If you're going to do it, do it in your own style; don't just ape something else."

"Also, 'inspiring' typographic posters. They need to stop now."
Steven Bonner, designer

"Kanye West pontificating about design."  
Tom Actman, founder & creative director, Mat Dolphin

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