NB: What changes would you be most disappointed by?

"There are a lot of murmurs around Facebook and whether or not it is becoming less popular. I was recently at a conference where an 18-year-old was presenting about their generation (Generation Z) and they specifically mentioned the Facebook issue and directly related it to what they deemed "intrusive" ads.

"While I think that Facebook has done a great job working with brands and in developing their advertising platform, I would be very disappointed if they pushed it too far and ended up losing users. Whatever you think about Facebook, the digital advertising industry needs a healthy Facebook."
Alan Parker, MD, Lowe Epic

“[The] one thing I'd be most disappointed by 2014 is the continued devaluation of the user experience discipline by inexperienced designers adding UX to their job titles as a way to attract clients and job opportunities.

"The way we interact with the world is increasingly mediated by technology, so it's important that we build digital products and services that are easy to use. As such, user experience designers are finding themselves in increasing demand, and this is fuelling a talent bubble. As such lots of people are adding UX to their job title or service offering without the necessary experience to back up those claims, bringing the perceived quality down. As a result, senior practitioners are starting to distance themselves from the discipline they fought so hard to define.
Andy Budd, partner, Clearleft

"Not necessarily disappointed, but I’m concerned with the number of film remakes and reboots increasing."
Darren Dubicki, director/designer, Aardman Animations

"Time is always a factor to consider on creative projects. When it is short creativity is sacrificed. If the current trend of shortening deadlines continues we will be left with little time to refine our work. A solution is, again, to involve artists earlier in the project. Concepts can then be developed to creatively enhance the work and multiple options discussed."
Dave Haupt, creative director, MPC's Motion Design Studio

"More commercials with Kevin Bacon."
Ian Wharton, creative director, AKQA

"Budgets being cut. Having said that, many of my best ideas have come on the back of recession and limited budgets – so it might not be that bad if it happens."
Jenny Theolin, director, Soapbox & Sons

"It's difficult to predict what nullifying new things will be employed to further entrench me in a mire of disappointment, but I'm sure software developers are hard at work looking into it."
Jon Burgerman, illustrator and food enthusiast

"I think the role of the designer needs to evolve; we need to embrace our responsibility as guardians against bad 'smart' things. Making the audience aware of the invisible consequences of their actions, what aspects of consumer behaviour businesses are tracking and what the implications are for the audience, will also be key.

"When we are creating seamless products and services, following #NoUI principles, we need to make sure that we are actually doing this in the best interest of the audience. These techniques are in fact reducing the understanding of the technology and ultimately not empowering the audience, which becomes a greater issue when something goes wrong."
Oli Shaw, service design lead, Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive

"Clients expecting skill and artistry for even cheaper fees."
Rebecca Swift, head of creative planning, iStock

“Gimmicks! Yes a smart watch is nice… yes a curved screen is nice, but let's find actually useful and seamless ways of using new technologies to make our lives better."
Shaun Tollerton, visual designer, ustwo

"Anything that degrades the ideas behind the commercial application of creativity. Ideas are the fuel and if you dampen their chances we all lose."
Simon Manchipp, co-founder, SomeOne

"Type and lettering moving from one retro style to another. It's too easy and a bit lazy."
Steven Bonner, designer

"I'll be happy if all the changes happen around me and I'm oblivious to everything. Seriously, I think we're all too easily distracted from the work at hand." 
Tom Actman, founder & creative director, Mat Dolphin

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