12 best interviews of 2015

Over the past year we've talked in-depth with the most insightful and talented members of the creative industries. Here we've collected our 11 favourites, interviews where leading artists, designers and creative directors reveal how they conceive and produce outstanding work - and how this has lead to their success.

The interviews range from illustrator Johanna Basford detailing how creating a colouring book for adults spawned an entire genre - selling millions of copies along the way - to Oscar-winning VFX supervisors Tim Webber (Gravity) and Paul Franklin (Inception and Interstellar) discussing the future of visual effects. We also hear about TfL's design philosophy, illustrating The Great British Bake Off, how to build a successful startup, the most important thing in Arabic type design, balancing a very successful freelance design career with being a new mum, and how the government's really hurting art and design education across the UK.

How Johanna Basford sold over 1.7 million copies of her colouring books for adults

With a new book just released, Johanna Basford discusses her incredible success with best-selling colouring books: Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean.

How TfL designs its branding, graphics, posters, uniforms and more

TfL head of design Jon Hunter tells us in-depth about designing for the most complex urban travel network in the world.

Great British Bake Off artist Tom Hovey reveals how he draws such mouthwatering cakes for the hit show

We interview the GBBO illustrator about working on every series of the show so far, how he makes bad cakes look great – and what his favourite cakes to draw are.

Becky Simpson's expert advice on illustrating a book & getting it published

Illustrator Becky Simpson, the author of the brilliantly I'd Rather Be Short, shares her adventures in book publishing.

Bob and Roberta Smith: how the Tories are destroying art and design in schools – and what you can do about it

The modern artist has harsh words for the government’s approach to arts education – and Nicky Morgan in particular – and explains what he think we can do to make every school an art school.

How 3 friends turned a creative idea into a very successful business

Three creatives set up their own company to produce super-personalised illustrated books – and have sold 650,000 copies to date. As their second book is released, they reveal the secrets to their success

Jessica Hische on balancing freelancing with being a new mum, the importance of mentorship and how she wrote her first book

Letterer, illustrator and type designer Jessica Hische reveals how she maintains a busy and successful freelance career after becoming a mum.

How Kristjana S Williams illustrated one of this year's most beautiful books

The artist reveals how she used antique engravings to create super-vibrant illustrations of plants and animals from the Amazon to the Himalayas for The Wonder Garden.

SomeOne's Simon Manchipp on designing for companies who can no longer control their brand

Simon Manchipp tells us about SomeOne's design philosophy, their latest campaign for Cancer Reseach, BrandWorlds and his benchmark for if an idea is good: The Sun Test.

Nadine Chahine: "The most important thing in an Arabic typeface is..."

In this in-depth interview, one of the world's leading Arabic type designers tells us how she created a beautiful Arabic version of Zapfino – and why this was the hardest font she's ever worked on.

Louise Fili shares her words of wisdom from 40 years as a designer

Find out how Louise Fili has kept her elegant and intricate hand-drawn style despite advancements in technology.

The future of VFX: Oscar-winning VFX supervisors discuss what’s next for visual effects

Oscar- and BAFTA-winning VFX supervisors Paul Franklin and Tim Webber, and animation director Eamonn Butler discuss how visual effects are still going to be awe-inspiring and innovative in the future.

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