Simon Jary

Simon Jary

Simon is the publisher of PC Advisor, and is also a contributing editor of Macworld – having edited Macworld for 10 years through Apple's darkest days to the triumphant return of Steve Jobs (with whom he shares initials and birthday, but is sadly allergic to apples). Simon covers all things Apple, home networking, educational apps, energy-saving gear and tips, mobile accessories, and kids technology with daughter @LexiJary.

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In-Depth:  Modern is the new old

Wowed by the lastest digital technologies? Think again – what we consider new is actually heading for the techno scrapheap.

In-Depth:  Quark barks again

Just when it appeared that Adobe had the DTP market back in its hands with InDesign, the XPress maker is looking surprisingly fighting fit.

In-Depth:  Telly dangerous

If the PC is for when our brains are turned on, and the TV for when they’re turned off, would both together be a disaster for our creativity?

In-Depth:  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore.

In-Depth:  Faster = slower in the end

The days of megahertz and gigahertz are nearly over, and working out who’s got the fastest computer will take a degree in mathematics.

In-Depth:  Textual healing for designers

Hands up if you spend as much time checking copy as you do sourcing fantastic photography, weighing paper stock, and ensuring colour consistency.

In-Depth:  Is everyone creative these days?

The digital doors of design and production have been thrown wide open with the tools of our trade now commonplace and accessible to all.

In-Depth:  Perfect Pics to Perfect Pixels

Image Advice calmly explains why what should have been your favourite picture of all time appears to recreate the vision of a guy whose specs…

In-Depth:  Mars bars today's PC

Each US Mars lander cost $545m. Yet for all that cash, NASA got a computer with just 128MB of RAM – barely enough to run Windows XP.

In-Depth:  Film cracks as digital snaps

Professional photographers may laugh off the imminent death of film, but can’t hide that copy of The Photoshop Bible leaning against their computer.

In-Depth:  Weee Will Recycle

Where once they wrestled with giant Photoshop files, extruded 3D models or drew the most beautiful vectors in a swirl of bézier curvature,…