Radim Malinic

Radim Malinic

In the past few years, Radim Malinic has established himself as a sought-after commercial illustrator. His recent projects have included digital illustrations and photo-based images for clients including Blossom Hill, the London Film Museum, PlayStation, and Penguin Books. His illustrations have also appeared on album covers and in a range of magazines.

Articles by Radim Malinic
How to get the work you want

Features:  How to get the work you want

Designer Radim Malinic explains how to get to work on the projects that you really really want, in an extract from his upcoming Book of Ideas.

Master Illustrator's Blend tool

Tutorials:  Master Illustrator's Blend tool

Radim Malinic has a recipe for success to help you create great type art using Illustrator’s little-used Blending tool