Neil Duerden

Neil Duerden

Self-confessed ‘Mac monkey’ Neil Duerden lives near Manchester. He creates pieces that combine photography and complex vectors for an impressive portfolio of international clients – including Nike and Virgin.

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Master the urban halo effect

Tutorial:  Master the urban halo effect

Want to mix beauty with the grittiness of an urban environment? Digital artist Neil Duerden breaks out Photoshop and shows you how...

Create hand-rendered art

Tutorial:  Create hand-rendered art

Neil Duerden takes us back-to-basics with this stunning tutorial on creating personal art in Photoshop.

Use layers to create dynamic depth

Tutorial:  Use layers to create dynamic depth

Creative genius Neil Duerden has been wowing the design community with his effects-heavy work. Here’s how he uses Photoshop’s Multiply blend…

Colour effects and swirls

Tutorial:  Colour effects and swirls

Add a dash of rainbow-brightness to your artwork with these amazing Photoshop tips from Neil Duerden.