Neil Bennett

Neil Bennett

Neil is editor of Digital Arts – overseeing the site’s stories, interviews, features and tutorials that inspire, educate, influence and inform those in the creative industries.

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Articles by Neil Bennett
Matrix 1.0 review

Reviews:  Matrix 1.0 review

Chrome Imaging's Matrix is a compositing package that looks and acts like a resolution-independent high-end tool such as Shake, but is priced…

After Effects 5.5 review

Reviews:  After Effects 5.5 review

The two major criticisms levelled at After Effects 5.0 were that the ‘3D-ifying’ of the workspace seemed unfinished, and that there were not…

DVStorm SE Plus review

Reviews:  DVStorm SE Plus review

The world of real-time DV editing may be dominated by Matrox and Pinnacle, but smaller players are also getting in on the act. And if ...

Multicam review

Reviews:  Multicam review

It’s not often that you encounter a product that’s truly unique – but Multicam definitely fits the bill. It’s based on the standout feature of ...

Pro-One review

Reviews:  Pro-One review

The game of leapfrog between Pinnacle and Matrox continues. The latter’s RT2500 currently sits on the top of the pile of real-time DV…

3D Toolkit review

Reviews:  3D Toolkit review

Since its announcement in early summer, 3D Toolkit has got a lot of people excited. It’s a set of education tools for the Mac, designed ...

Traveller II review

Reviews:  Traveller II review

Freecom has recently released the second generation of its Traveller range of CD, DVD and CD-RW drives, which are perfectly designed for the…