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Neil Bennett

Neil is editor of Digital Arts – overseeing the site’s stories, interviews, features and tutorials that inspire, educate, influence and inform those in the creative industries.

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Articles by Neil Bennett
MoviePack 3.0 review

Reviews:  MoviePack 3.0 review

If you’ve a long memory you may recall advertisements in Digit about 18 months ago looking for beta testers for an unknown video-editing…

FAST Purple review

Reviews:  FAST Purple review

Purple is one of the first of the new breed of professional-only DV editing systems. FAST already has a couple of DV products, and ...

Power Mac G4 500 DP review

Reviews:  Power Mac G4 500 DP review

Ever since Apple launched the G3 three years ago, higher-end users have been bemoaning the lack of multi-processor support. In the single…

combustion* 1.0 review

Reviews:  combustion* 1.0 review

It used to be easy to differentiate the two sides of Discreet’s product line. If it had some fire-related name (such as flame*, inferno*, flint*) ...

Speed Razor 2000 X review

Reviews:  Speed Razor 2000 X review

By all rights, Speed Razor 2000 should be a pile of shoddy tosh. After the huge hype and failure of the white elephant Millennium Dome, ...

Matrox RT2000 review

Reviews:  Matrox RT2000 review

Digital video not only killed the analog star; it stomped on the remains as well. Digital-video tools have been around for a while, but the ...

EditDV 2.0 review

Reviews:  EditDV 2.0 review

It’s not that long ago in the world of non-linear video editing (NLE) that what we consider now to be the mid-range was the low-end, ...

Speed Razor 4.5 SE review

Reviews:  Speed Razor 4.5 SE review

In the quest to be the first with groundbreaking technologies and areas of content creation, it is easy for companies to leave their old users ...

iFinish review

Reviews:  iFinish review

There is a wide choice of solutions and choices in the world of Web video production, but one product no one seems to be able ...