Michael Burns

Michael Burns

Michael Burns is a freelance writer with almost 20 years experience of covering the creative industries.

As well as writing for Digital Arts and a variety of major trade publications, he has been involved in conference production and has written a number of books on digital content creation.

He also provides freelance advisory, writing and production services for companies in the film, TV, design and interactive media sectors.

Articles by Michael Burns
FileMaker Pro 7 review

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FileMaker seems to be aiming straight at the content creation market with version 7 of this database solution. There is a new field type…

Director MX 2004 review

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Director MX 2004 is finally shipping, and the upgrade to the premier multimedia-authoring tool boasts some improvements that you’ll notice at…

DVD Workshop 2 review

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There seems to be a plethora of mid-range DVD authoring tools on the Windows platform at the moment, including Adobe’s Encore DVD. In…

The TAB 2.0 review

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The TAB is a curious little animation tool from the maker of Toonz – the previously Softimage-affiliated product that was used in the making…

Motionbuilder 5 review

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MotionBuilder is now available in two versions – standard and professional. The professional version of this real-time character animation…

DVD Studio Pro 2.0 review

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The first thing that hits you about DVD Studio Pro 2 is the big interface improvement. Highly customizable, you have great freedom to choose…

Encore DVD review

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When you open Encore DVD, you are greeted with a faintly familiar tabbed palette setup – but with a cut-down five-piece toolset. The timeline…

Anark Studio 2 review

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Anark Studio 2 uses layers, inspector palettes, scenes, and timelines that will be familiar to anyone used to Director or Flash. Veteran…

onViz review

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onViz is intended to create interactive multimedia applications with online connectivity and QuickTime multimedia support. Although this is a…

LiveStage Pro 4.0 review

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LiveStage Professional (LSP) is a media-integration tool for adding polish to content prepared in other packages. Users may want to customize…

WireFusion 3 review

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WireFusion 3 is a tool for developing dynamic Web presentations. It uses an arrangement of objects and connections to create behaviours for…