Mark Mayers

Mark Mayers

Freelance illustrator and designer Mark Mayers is based in Cornwall. With over 18 years’ experience, he can recall life before Macs and is a reformed technophobe.

Mark now writes tutorials for leading publishers worldwide, and has won several awards, including MetalFX Designer of the Year.

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Create dynamic lighting

Tutorial:  Create dynamic lighting

Dynamic lighting isn’t new – far from it. The 16th-century Baroque art movement saw artists such as Giovanni Baglione use chiaroscuro…

Create your own pop art

Tutorial:  Create your own pop art

The pop art movement of the 1950s celebrated the birth of consumer culture, taking mundane things into art galleries. Learn how to create…

Make smashing glass effects

Tutorial:  Make smashing glass effects

Master a convincing shattering-glass effect that has dozens of applications with this brilliant technique from Mark Mayers.