Craig Grannell

Craig Grannell

Craig is a writer and designer, who's been writing about design and technology since the late 1990s. He's a big fan of clarity, innovation and the correct use of apostrophes, and will happily bang on about iOS games until the person he's talking to begs him to stop. He also makes music but too infrequently releases any.

Articles by Craig Grannell
Adobe Fireworks CS4 review

Reviews:  Adobe Fireworks CS4 review

For years something of a poor man’s Photoshop aimed at web designers, Fireworks finally came of age 18 months ago. With Fireworks CS4, Adobe…

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 review

Reviews:  Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 review

Dreamweaver has become associated with website creation in the same way that Photoshop is identified with image editing. However, despite…

BBEdit 9 review

Reviews:  BBEdit 9 review

BBEdit is a feature-packed editor includes support for a huge array of programming languages, has absurdly long menus, and preferences that…

Fusion 11 review

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Billing itself as ‘the complete all-in-one Web site design tool’, NetObjects Fusion 11 aims to fit snugly between Dreamweaver and a slew of…

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 review

Reviews:  Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 review

Once a Jasc rival to Photoshop, Corel’s direction for Paint Shop Pro has become increasingly niche, positioning it as a tool for working on…

Adobe GoLive 9 review

Reviews:  Adobe GoLive 9 review

GoLive appears to be living on borrowed time. Adobe’s own literature and Web site seems to suggest migrating to Dreamweaver is a good idea,…

Fireworks CS3 review

Reviews:  Fireworks CS3 review

With Fireworks CS3, Adobe has subtly repositioned the application into a Web site planning and mock-up tool, making it a near-essential…

Dreamweaver CS3 review

Reviews:  Dreamweaver CS3 review

Dreamweaver is almost as ubiquitous in the Web-design arena as Photoshop is in the world of print. Unusually for a Web tool, its huge range…

Coda review

Reviews:  Coda review

Although Web designers have long enjoyed all-in-one solutions, hand coders have been lacking such a tool. Coda aims to deal with this…

Expression Web review

Reviews:  Expression Web review

First impressions of Microsoft’s efforts are mixed. Unsettlingly, the interface looks like a cross between Word and Dreamweaver, and even…