Craig Grannell

Craig Grannell

Craig is a writer and designer, who's been writing about design and technology since the late 1990s. He's a big fan of clarity, innovation and the correct use of apostrophes, and will happily bang on about iOS games until the person he's talking to begs him to stop. He also makes music but too infrequently releases any.

Articles by Craig Grannell
How to design Apple Watch apps

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Designers of the first-generation of Apple Watch apps offer advice for design and testing — even if you haven't got an actual device on your…

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UX secrets revealed

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Dreamweaver CC review

Reviews:  Dreamweaver CC review

Dreamweaver CC is the next version of Dreamweaver, which is neither criticism nor compliment – more a statement of fact.

How to design responsive websites

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Responsive web design finally breaks the internet free from the static shackles of print, but understanding how it works requires a whole new…