Alice Ross

Alice Ross

Aice Ross is a writer and editor based in London. She does news, features, that kind of thing.

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How to find new clients

In-Depth:  How to find new clients

Alice Ross gets to grips with the freelancer’s perennial headache – finding new sources of work to keep the cash flowing in and yourself…

Children's illustration grows up

In-Depth:  Children's illustration grows up

The best creators are leaving saccharine clichés and simplistic figures far behind in an effort to captivate today's younger audience, finds…

Master hand-drawn art

In-Depth:  Master hand-drawn art

Rediscover your love of drawing & see your art take flight. We speak to creatives who have a passion for the hand-fashioned

The cutting edge of vector art

In-Depth:  The cutting edge of vector art

Discover five creative geniuses who are changing they way we look at vector art: from Magnus Blomster's strange take on Art Noveau to Poked…

Bags of Character

In-Depth:  Bags of Character

Alice Ross explores the work of illustrators such as Jon Burgerman, James Jarvis and Tado and their character art creations.