Premiere Pro has a comprehensive suite of Video Effects in the box – blurs, warps, colour correction, and very powerful and precise chroma keying. Here we’ll look at the results achieved with the Ultra Key effect by hardware-accelerating the Mercury playback engine that drives Premiere’s real-time effects.

We’ll use a workstation accelerated with NVIDIA’s Maximus technology, which uses the company’s CUDA platform to combine a Quadro workstation-class graphics card with a Tesla companion card, delivering extreme performance.  CUDA can tap a Quadro graphics card alone, but by including the Tesla card as well, we can achieve real-time full-resolution playback of multiple streams of mixed-format video, with a live chroma key.

The Ultra Key plugin allows us full control over the isolation of our subject from its background, while retaining the fine-edge detail around hair and clothes, all in real time. There are also controls for removing reflected colour artefacts via Spill Suppression and Colour Correction.

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