Step 12
When you’re ready to install the sticker – onto a clean, dry wall – make sure the protective sheets, especially the front sheet, are perfectly stuck to the sticker by rubbing it all over with a plastic card on a hard, flat surface. Be sure to maintain a consistent, firm pressure. Depending on your design and the number of pieces, you may want to use masking tape to tape the elements in place on the wall.

Step 13
When installing, it helps to have more than one pair of hands. It is also ultra-important to take your time. To stick, peel off the backing paper slightly in one corner – the top right is normally a good place to start. On top of the front protective sheet, rub the sticker firmly against the wall as you slowly peel away the backing paper.

Step 14
Ensure you constantly press the sticker against the wall as you go to make sure there aren’t any creases. Press all the delicate edges firmly so they don’t peel off. Once the sticker is completely on the wall, with the backing paper separated, use the plastic cards to press the sticker, especially the edges, against the wall. Be sure to push any bubbles out to the edges.

Step 15
Again, starting in a corner, peel away the front protective sheet, pressing the sticker flat onto the wall as you go. It can even help to wear a glove on your pressing hand. Once the front sheet is removed, check every edge is firm on the wall and then sit back to enjoy your handiwork.

Ben O'Brien

Who: Based in Cornwall, Ben O’Brien is a commercial illustrator and designer. He has worked for brands ranging from Sony to MasterCard, and has created murals for public spaces in the UK and beyond. He works alongside his wife, Fi, who manages their homeware brand, Wish You Were Here, and sells their art prints, wallpapers, cushions and fabrics.
Software: Adobe Illustrator
On the CD or download: Files for this tutorial can be found on the cover CD or downloaded here
Time to complete: 2 hours for artwork, 2 hours for installation once printed