Laughter lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles – whatever you call them, we all have characteristic lines on our faces that are more pronounced than maybe we’d like them to be.

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Following her tutorial last month on fixing tired eyes, this month, burlesque photographer and retouch guru Tigz Rice shows how some digital make up produces the smoothest skin.

Within this tutorial, we’ll be looking at some easy ways you can use channels to reduce these lines, whilst maintaining a natural to the process.

Channels are where Photoshop stores colour information on an image. In RGB mode, there are three channels (red, green and blue), which are effectively black-and-white maps of your image that inform Photoshop how much of each colour to apply and where. In this issue, we’ll be focussing on manipulating the Red channel.

Time to Complete

Less than 5 minutes


Photoshop CS5, although most Photoshop versions will have channels

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