Known for its low-key lighting and shadow patterning – also known as chiaroscuro – film noir was a popular trend in cinematography during the 1940’s and 1950s. It's a genre associated with high-contrast black-and-white with shades pushed into the highlights and shadows – as well as strong or seductive performance styles, detectives, gangsters, double crosses and a good soaking of hard liquor. Classic film noir movies include Double Indemnity, Gilda, The Maltese Falcon.

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In this tutorial, photographer Tigz Rice talks us through how she styled, photographed and retouched this 1940’s inspired film noir image with model Coco Dubois – whose presence draws on the genre's femme fatales like Barbara Stanwyck and Mary Astor.

First off you'll learn how to style the shoot – including film noir lighting, hair, makeup and clothing. Then you'll learn how to get the final look you want by combining Photoshop's Black-and-White and Curves adjustments, plus the Properties panel's Modify tool and Raw Filter. And the end result will look an authentic homage rather than a cheesy parody (though if that's what you want, overdo Step 8).

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