Step 11
Now we need to make the text white on a black background: in your ‘Flat Copy’ layer, hit Cmd/Ctrl + I to invert it. Then create a black background, as you did in Step 5. This is what you’ll be using to cover the skull.

Step 12
Now the fun begins: use the Marquee tool (M), select one of the words from your type page, and copy and paste it onto the skull page. Move it to where you want to begin – it’s best to start near the top then work down.

We‘re going to use the Distort tool. A quick way of getting to this is: once the word is in the right place, hit Cmd/Ctrl to bring up Free Transform. While that’s selected right-click on it (Ctrl + click), and a menu will appear with some transforming options. Select Distort: this will give you a box with four corners.

Step 13
Pull the corners of the bounding box so that the text fits onto the skull. It’s as though you’re placing the text onto a 3D sculpture, so look carefully at the way the skull is. Repeat this text until the skull is covered in type. This takes a while, but stick with it – the end result is satisfying.