Dominique Byron is a recently graduated illustrator based in Manchester. She enjoys creating bold, geometric work and mixing together digital and handmade elements. Her influences include Charley Harper, Invisible Creature and Dan Matutina. 

In this tutorial, Dominique Byron explains how to add textures to your work to give it a handmade feel, and how to combine these with shading and highlights to provide extra detail to your image. 

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Adding subtle textures to digital work makes it more interesting and can introduce depth to an image that looks quite flat. It also makes the piece appear less computer generated, adding a bit of mystery as to how it was created. This allows Dominique to add an organic flavour to her work’s geometric base.

This masterclass will teach you how to add textures and shading to specific areas of your work using your own papers and textures, while not compromising the colours and shapes of your image. As these techniques are applied over the top of your artwork, it means that they can be applied to all types of images, from vector illustrations to photographs.

Time to complete

1 hour


Photoshop CS2 or later

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