Tigz Rice is a London based photographer specialising in fashion and boudoir with a vintage aesthetic. An Adobe Community Professional and Wacom Influencer, she originally trained in digital illustration before naturally progressing into the world of photography and retouching. Alongside a client list including Cosmopolitan Magazine, Burlesque On Ice and Paris Burlesque Festival, her work has dominated the European burlesque scene since 2009, which consequently means everything she owns is covered with a fine layer of glitter…

One of the new features of Photoshop CC 2016, Face Aware Liquify lets you quickly and easily change the expression on someone's face – adding a smile or a frown, or bringing out more complex emotions.

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However, if used heavy handedly you can end up with unnatural results (unless you're after a caricature). You need to be aware that, for example, adding a smile requires more than just moving the ends of the lips upwards – unless you want your subject to resemble Heath Ledger's Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight with cold eyes making a smile seem maniacal.

To avoid this, you also need to adjust a number of other facial features. In this tutorial, photographer Tigz Rice shows you how to use Face Aware Liquify in Photoshop for natural-looking results.

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Tigz says that, as with main Liquify tools, the key to getting realistic results is to go slowly, with small increments. Make minor adjustments and keep referring back to your original as you go to make sure you haven’t gone overboard.

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