Exercising creative freedom can be a difficult balancing act. Occasionally you’ll have all the time you need to finish a project, but at other times the speediest turnaround will be of the essence.

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Regardless of the time available, your work always has to hit the mark, bettering whatever you did previously. So it’s imperative to know when you can take a prudent shortcut and when only the utmost care will make your illustration look perfect.

This tutorial reflects some of that dilemma. Here Radim Malinic shows you how to create the semblance of words spelt out in melted chocolate. You’ll be encouraged to speed up at times, while at other times you’ll need to linger over tiny details to create that ultra-realistic look, fit for any advertising campaign or logo.

The results should look better than Heston Blumenthal could achieve. And you won’t need an ounce of chocolate.

Time to complete

5 hours

Software used

Illustrator CS5
Photoshop CS5

Project Files

(it’s free!)

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