In Photoshop, its very easy to lay down almost unlimited gradients, effects and layers. With screenprinting, however, the number of coloured layers you use dramatically increases the time it takes to complete the piece, so a two-colour print can be a great starting point. 

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This tutorial will show you that it’s not too hard or painful to rework a multi-layered digital illustration into a two-colour screenprint. Venturing into screenprinting has been very rewarding for Chris in more ways than he anticipated. For example, the simple process of converting a complicated digital illustration into a handmade print has enabled him to look at his own creative process in ways he didn’t really do before. 

The process of converting digital to print can be quite a challenge, but achievable. Here Chris will show you how he translated a Photoshop illustration with multiple colour textures and gradients into a simple two-colour screenprint. 

Even if you have a complicated digital illustration style, it’s still possible to do without it loosing its essence. This is how Chris converted his Floral Mask illustration into a two?colour image, ready and compatible for screenprinting. 

Time to complete

2-3 hours


Photoshop CS or later; screenprinting ink

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