Painting and texturing a believable statue such as the amazing illustation on the left is much easier than you might expect. When it comes to painting anything, it’s best to start by breaking it down into the simplest of forms. Texturing and detailing always come last in a successful painting, whether it’s digital or traditional.

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In this tutorial, George Patsouras shows how to paint a realistic face, step by step, before texturing and detailing it. The painting stage is just as important to the finished piece as the texturing – you can’t have one without the other.

The statue’s face was based on that of the artist’s brother; Patsouras’s initial sketch is included. Of course, you can base your image on any portrait photo you like.

Before you start, head to and download some textures from the Stone > Marble > Noisy category.


Adobe Photoshop

Time to complete

4-10 hours

Project Files

(it’s free!)

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