As someone naturally disposed towards consuming pointless information, Charles Williams spends a lot of time on Twitter – more than he probably should, he says. So he put his illustration skills to use in creating a portrait of the habit.

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This tutorial reflects an aesthetic that Charles has been exploring, one that brings psychogeography to portraits by taking an artistic depiction of the ‘soul’ of a place and applying it to those who live there. Here he infuses the virtual geography of Twitter into a portrait based on a photo of (supposedly) a regular tweeter. The effects Charles uses might be thought of as capturing the style and content of the person’s tweets.

This tutorial should help you develop your own ideas of how to use photography and digital skills to produce interesting artwork. “If you want to know more,” says Charles, “drop me a line. On Twitter (@thisismadeup). I will pick it up.”

Time to complete

12 hours


Photoshop CS3 or higher; Illustrator CS3 or higher

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